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July 30, 2013

Your Chance to be a Designer

In April, Stampin' Up! employees were given the challenge to create a "bucket list" stamp set.   Spread the Joy, by Emily M. from the Stampin' Up! home office, is the first winning stamp set from In With You, our new stamp set design challenge beta program.  Emily wanted to make a set that could be versatile and usable for lots of different things.  Employees fell in love with her design and voted the set to victory!

Stampin' Up! created a way for you to help them design and choose new stamp sets--In with You (beta program). The In with You program is currently open to anyone. So spread the word!

Once you join our In with You online community, you can submit your original artwork for stamp set challenges, vote and comment on other people's submissions, earn badges, and interact with others in the community. Stampin' Up! will produce and sell one or more stamp sets from among the top-voted submissions in each challenge. Plus there are fabulous prizes for top designs.

Here's the scoop on the current challenge, which you'll also find on the In with You site in the left column under Current Campaign:
Contest dates: July 18-August 31, 2013
Submit ideas early so you have plenty of time to gather support for your work (you know--get your friends to vote for your design).
Contest theme: Illustrated Sayings, Plays on Words, Puns

Go ahead--wow us with your brilliance, make us laugh till we cry, show us just how witty you are. Send us one to five of your funniest, cleverest, and cutest illustrated puns, plays on words, or sayings.
1st place: $200 US/$200 CAN Visa Gift Card
2nd place: $150 US/$150 CAN Visa Gift Card
3rd place: $100 US/$100 CAN Visa Gift Card
*Winners determined by number of votes.

Be sure to read the Submission Guidelines by clicking the link at the bottom of the page before submitting your designs.  Your images may be our next great stamp set! We can't wait to see your designs!

Items to note:
  • While we encourage handwritten sayings, you may use fonts. If you use a font, please indicate which font you used.
  • All sayings must be attributed to the correct source.
  • Trademarked sayings may prevent us from creating your stamp.
  • Some fonts carry special licensing agreements that may also prohibit us from creating your stamps.
  • Please note that this is design challenge and only ideas submitted with imagery will qualify to win.
For more information, submission guidelines, terms and conditions, and to participate, go to

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